This page is here to tell you a bit about me and my music so, here goes:

1). I believe art generally and music specifically is good for the soul

2). I like writing music I like

3). I’d love it if other people liked it too

4). I was born in Birmingham (UK)

5). I have roots in Co. Donegal (Eire)

6). I’m a staunch Republican

7). Republican can have two meanings – both apply

8). I like dark, hard, demonic music inspired by horror films and soundscapes

9). I don’t really like horror films

10). ‘Fat of the Land’ by The Prodigy got me hooked on electronic music

11). I give my music away as no-one seems to want to pay for music now anyway

12). I don’t write on my blog anywhere near regularly enough

13). I’m a bit of a leftie/red/commie (according to the wife)

14). I voted Remain

15). I think that the majority of people are idiots

16). I wish they weren’t

I may add or remove items to/from this list from time-to-time. How very exciting!


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