“Forgive Me” by Rusty Nails

Another month (or so) since my last track I am proud to present my latest; “Forgive Me”

“Forgive Me” is a brooding track with a four to the floor beat, pounding bassline and a dark vocal sample taken from the excellent Tom Hardy in his series ‘Taboo’.

It can be found on SoundCloud here (.mp3 file – not so nice!)

Or it can be found on BandCamp here (.wav file – lovely, beautiful, flawless .wav!)


The track started as a nasty 4 bar loop consisting of a relentless bass, insistent kick and an aggressive snare. As it evolved a synthy, trance style lead line was added and a new dimension of the track was found. A pulsing sidechained pad was added under the beat to add momentum and eventually the track came together.

I watched ‘Taboo’ when it was on the BBC and from the get go I knew I was going to use a sample from it somewhere (I secretly think Tom Hardy might be my muse!). Having said that, I didn’t expect it to be the first line of the show!

The vocal sample creates an air of darkness that compliments the growl of the bass on this track and it seemed to work well so was a natural fit.

As usual the track is available to download for free and all I ask is that you comment, share and spread the word on whatever social media you like. I hope you like it.



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