An Open Letter to @LiamByrneMP RE: Donald Trump

Rt Hon Liam Byrne

House of Commons,




Dear Mr Byrne,

As an MP within a constituency in Birmingham, I must say that I appreciate the fact you are representing the people of your city by petitioning that Trump is banned from visiting us on his contentious state visit later this year.

Furthermore, I would go so far as to say that you most likely represent the majority  of Brummies when you say that the ‘candy floss fascist’ is not welcome in our city.

On this point in particular I agree with you – he is not welcome!


This cretin has picked Birmingham because he believes Fox News and he thinks that we’re “100% Muslim”. He also thinks that, much like himself, we’re a bunch of fascists and that we backed Brexit and that , as he has interpreted that election, we rejected immigration wholesale. In short, he thinks we’re a bunch of racists.

Trump thinks he’s going to come to our city for an easy ride. He thinks that he’s going to substantiate what he thinks we believe. He thinks that we’re the equivalent of his voters in America.

Trump believes that he’ll arrive in Birmingham to the pomp and ceremony afforded to a liberator and this is the exact reason we should not ban him.

The logical decision is to say that this man is a fascist, a racist, an aspirational dictator and that he should not be allowed to address our community.

But, the ultimate reposte would be to welcome him in, blind-side him and let him know that he knows fuck all about us and our city.

We’re not with him, we’re not with his disgraceful policies and we should quietly shepherd him in to the city before we absolutely beast him and tell him, in no uncertain terms, that we think he’s a massive cunt!!!

Let us be absolutely clear…Trump is coming to the country one way or another – it’s happening.

It’s up to us to tell him what we think of him.

Mr Byrne…you’re nearly there. We agree with you. But we’ll make it far more explicit.



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