“Kinetic Energy” by Rusty Nails

I fell behind a bit with writing my latest post to coincide with my latest track (released on 18 December 2016) so here it is, better late than never an all that.

The track is called “Kinetic Energy” and can be found on SoundCloud here:

Or you can listen to it on BandCamp here:


It’s another track written at 110bpm (I’ve really become accustomed to writing at this tempo) and it thumps along with another ‘four to the floor’ beat.

The track started as a sketch on the amazing Auxy for iPad (another track started there – my third now I think) but was brought in to Ableton Live and rewritten and rejigged in there.

I can’t really remember where the inspiration for the title came from now to be honest but I think it works well with the sound of the track so there you go.

As usual the track is available to download for free and all I ask is that you like it, comment on it and that you share it with your internet buddies to boost the plays, spread the word and so on and so forth.

Hope you like it.



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