“Jellybuzz” by Rusty Nails

In a somewhat shorter space of time than normal I have managed to finish another track and get it uploaded on to the web.

The mp3 version is on Soundcloud here:

And for those audiophiles amongst you the .wav file is available on Bandcamp here:


“Jellybuzz” is another track that bounces along at the mid-tempo speed of 110bpm. For whatever reason I’m really enjoying writing music at this tempo. It just seems to come naturally so I’m going with it while it lasts.

This is also the third track I have written/part-written using the amazing ‘Auxy’ app and if anyone is still yet to download then I strongly recommend you get involved – auxy.co

The title for this track came from my 3 year old who, when I asked him what I should call my new music, responded with the words jelly buzz. Being true to my word I stuck with it and here we have it. The name is, admittedly, a bit silly and doesn’t really mean anything but I suppose sometimes life doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

As usual the track is available to download for free and all I would ask is that you be kind enough to share it, leave comments, like it, repost it and so on.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this track because it just came out with no real pressure and it’s not felt forced. I hope you enjoy listening to it too.



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