“Inhumanity” by Rusty Nails

After another month or so of working on new music I am proud to present my latest effort entitled “Inhumanity”.

The .mp3 version can be found on SoundCloud here:

Or the .wav version can be found on BandCamp here:


With my last two tracks being decidedly upbeat in comparison to others I felt a need to return to creating a dark and brooding track drawing on inspiration from the dark drum and bass scene (aka: skullstep, neuro, etc.) And this track, as anyone who has ever heard Donny will be able to tell you, is heavily influenced by the scene and Donny in particular.

The track started out with a working title of ‘Industry’ but I struggled to find a fitting sample and after a bit of searching around on Subzin I found the sample from the beginning of Equilibrium which is a film I haven’t actually seen to be fair.

Anyway, the sample referring to man’s inhumanity to man seemed perfect for the mood of the track and so I decided to go for that. In addition, it took me straight back to the amazing FireSessions mix by Donny in 2007 which contains a track with the same sample. To this day I still don’t know the name of that track but I know it is an absolute banger. The 10 minutes or so of that part of the mix is unreal!!!

Having decided I was using that sample and having been sufficiently inspired by Donny, I decided to go the whole hog and just use one of the ‘huh’ samples in the track too. Arguably it’s plagiarism or theft to lift such a distinctive sample but, to be honest, it just felt right and like it fitted so hopefully there’s no issue there. (No suing me please Donny, I’ve got baby number two on the way!!!)

The track also contains a sample from the Limewax and Panacea Skullstep sample pack so it really is heavily influenced by that scene as I said.

With regards the track itself it rumbles along at 110bpm. It has a 64 bar intro (so will almost certainly lose the majority of internet listeners with their micro-attention-spans) and a 64 bar outro. I’m  still in the habit of writing tracks as if they’re Drum & Bass tracks with mixable intro’s and outro’s. The intro lasts nearly two minutes so just skip it and get in to the tune if you want.

As usual the track is available to download. As I say, .mp3 via SoundCloud or .wav via BandCamp.

If anyone is interested in getting the stems/samples/etc. to do a remix then let me know (mail@rustynailsmusic.com) and I’ll get them over to you.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit now so will leave it there. I hope you enjoy the track. Any comments etc. are appreciated.




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