“All You Got” by Rusty Nails

A month or so on from my last track being published online, here I am again with my next and this one is entitled “All You Got”.

The track can be found on SoundCloud here:

Or on BandCamp here:


This is the second track I have produced to completion following the idea being conceived on the Auxy App for the iPad (auxy.co) and I really can’t rave enough about quite how good that app is. There are others that are good for messing about on and killing a bit of time but Auxy is the only one that, for me at least, allows to write something that’s your own. In case it wasn’t clear, I’d recommend you download it!

Anyway, back to the track…

It’s written at 126bpm and is driven by a four to the floor beat,  a high pitched lead-line and a rhythmic bass that chugs along throughout. It also features a female vocal sample which is somewhat different to my normal doom-mongering or apocalyptic samples referencing nuclear weapons in space, black holes, machines or man’s inhumanity to man!!! So it’s a nice change of pace – in more ways than one.

As usual the track is available to download for free via both platforms but, as usual, if you do wish to pay for it – and contribute to me becoming a “real” musician – then you can do via BandCamp.

Also as usual, any comments – positive, negative or otherwise – are encouraged and I’d love to hear from you and know that my music is reaching real people.

You can contact me via this blog, on Twitter (@RustyRustyNails), through my website (www.rustynailsmusic.com) or by email (mail@rustynailsmusic.com).

I hope you enjoy it and happy listening!



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