‘SpiderBaby’ by Rusty Nails

It’s been about 6 months since I last uploaded any new music so it feels well overdue that something new is put up online and my latest track is inspired by a timeless classic in the form of the excellent ‘Father Ted’.

In the very first episode of the classic series, entitled “Good Luck Father Ted?”, Father Dougal talks absolute nonsense about a mythical creature known as a Spider-Baby with the genius line:

“It’s got the body of a spider, but it’s actually a baby.”

And it was this line that inspired my latest track and is featured in the intro to the first drop. The vocal has been dropped a couple of semi-tones to bring it more in line with being moody and dark, to try and tie it in with the music, and – if nothing else – it makes me laugh to hear a track asking about a spider wearing a nappy!

The track is, as usual it is available for free download, and can be found here:

The image for the track is Father Dougal’s chart that he has to study to understand the difference between dreams and reality but, for all his idiocy, maybe he was on  to something with this one – a reminder to us all to keep on dreaming and one day, maybe one day, our dreams can become our reality.

In the meantime I’ll just carry on writing bits and pieces and producing new music regardless. Hopefully I’ll be a bit quicker getting the next track out though!

Until the next track is uploaded please enjoy this one and feel free to add any comments, share with your friends, share with anyone Irish that might laugh and generally spread the word if you like it. Enjoy.



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