Zardonic “Antihero” – Yes!!!

On Friday I got the new album by Zardonic entitled “Antihero” and released on EONE Music. Since Friday I have listened to literally nothing else! Every time I’ve been in the car and every time I’ve been for a run I’ve had the Venezuelan aural vandal blasting at full pelt and it’s been brilliant.

I’ve known of Zardonic since buying Her Lust For Blood/Scourge on vinyl way back in 2007 and I’ve been keeping up to date with what he has done since then and I have to say this is my favourite release by him so far.

The album starts with an immense, brooding build up of ambient noise and from the moment the second track on the album drops the mix of heavy-metal style distorted guitars, bass, bleeps and pounding percussion is relentless and just does not give up. It’s been described as Skrillex meets Slayer which is a bit of a lazy description but it does sort of paint the picture (albeit in primary colours).

Each track is phenomenal and the build ups, the drops, the production, everything to be honest, is spot on. The fact that this album would be equally at home on the dancefloors of an abandoned warehouse and in the moshpits of a metal club is testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Zardonic and it is, for me at least, a genuine contender for the album of 2015.

A real bonus of this album (if buying on CD anyway) is the second disc which includes remixes by some absolute legends including The Outside Agency, Evol Intent and Counterstrike. The album itself is amazing and to have these additional tracks thrown in the mix too is a real treat. There is some really heavy hardcore/drum and bass/crossbreed on here and it’s very, very good.

To be honest, this post is a little bit of a fanboy love-in for Zardonic but I also hope that it will bring this brilliant album and artist to the attention of maybe just one other person who will like the sound of it, buy the album and become a fan too.

If you’re reading this and thinking about it, just do it. It really is brilliant and you won’t regret it at all.


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