New Music – “Walkover”

After a little while longer than I would’ve liked I have finally got around to finishing my latest track. The title of this new track is “Walkover” and it can be found here:

To be honest, this was one of those tracks that I just started writing, things started coming together and the components just fell in to place for me. It didn’t feel like it needed a sample to lead the track or drive it so I didn’t bother putting one in.

This led to the issue of what to call the track given it was just music – no vocals, no samples, no real inspiration behind it’s origin.

The name eventually came about following the start of a Sunday afternoon journey down to Corby to play Gaelic Football.

Having hit the road the message got round that the other team weren’t going to show and we were to be given the walkover (i.e. the victory as a result of their no-show). And so the track had a name.

Very annoyed by my inability to release pent up energy on the field it went in to my newly titled track instead.

The track itself pulses along at 110bpm driven by a verb-laden kick drum and an off-beat sub bass. It’s kind of a new direction for me in the sense that the kick drives the track but there’s still room for a snare in there about midway through the main section of the track.

The snare I have gone for in this track is very much a tip of the hat to the ‘dark’ drum and bass scene and is a sample taken from The Panacea and Limewax ‘Skullstep’ sample pack; so thanks to you both for helping me out on the track.

As usual I have put a shortened version of the track online (to save on those SoundCloud minutes) but should anyone want a full version – in whatever format you like – just get in touch.

Hope you like the new track and any comments – positive or negative – are welcome. Enjoy!



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