New Music – “Sonic Boom”

I’ve finished my latest track and, as the picture and title quite clearly give away, the inspiration behind this latest track is Major Guile of the Street Fighter Series.

I used to absolutely love the Street Fighter games and so I decided that I wanted to put a track together using a sample from the series.

This track is a bit of a deviation for me because, unlike my other tracks, it doesn’t focus on the apocalypse, the end of the world, black holes sucking everything in to nothing or governments seeking to control us. This track is a bit more upbeat and cheery and I genuinely think that it might have something to do with the fact that it’s the summer – god knows what I’ll be putting out come December time.

The version of the track I have uploaded can be found here on SoundCloud…

…or here on YouTube…

…It is a shortened version with the intro stripped down. There is a version available with the full intro (the DJ version in my mind) but some people have short attention spans so I decided it was best to avoid people clicking away from the track after a minute because nothing is happening.

However, if you do want the full version, just get in touch and I’ll be sure to get a copy over to you.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Have a listen to the track, I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to send me any comments on the track (good or bad).



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