‘New World Order’ by Rusty Nails

My latest track is now available online and can be found here on SoundCloud:

The track features samples of speeches made by George H W Bush in 1990 and 1991 in which he declares an outright and unapologetic desire to achieve a New World Order.

It’s scary sometimes to think that there are a group of men in our world that think a desirable outcome for the human race is subjugation and slavery to that same group, pulling the strings and laying out the terms for our existence.

We have an opportunity to stop it but, to be honest, I think most of us will go about reading our magazines, being distracted by our TV’s and generally being oblivious to the slow but steady removal of our rights and liberties and our sleepwalking in to slavery.

For those that can see it coming and aren’t prepared to sit down and take it, listen to this track and share it with those you want to stand up with you. Hope you enjoy it.



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