My Top 50 Recordings

I’ve put together a list of 50 recordings and although I’m calling them the “Top 50” it’s really a lot more than that. This list is not supposed to be a list of the best albums of all time or a list of the greatest recordings ever made. It is a list of the 50 recordings that have influenced me the most in my short time on this Earth. It is a list of those recordings that I can go back to time and again and still enjoy, no matter how old they are or how many times I’ve listened to them. It is also – and this in itself could cause some controversy – not a list of albums produced in a studio. There are, of course, studio albums but there are also live albums, there are sets recorded in clubs, there are EP’s, there are “mix” albums and there are (purists look away now!!!) compilation albums. There will undoubtedly be people that disagree with the list. There may be outrage that some albums, commonly featured in lists like this, do not appear (spoiler alert: although I like Pet Sounds, it’s not here!) but, at the end of the day, this is a list of the albums that have had the biggest impact on me in one way or another. Some of the recordings are possibly not the best that a band or artist has released – critically speaking – but that’s not really the point of this list either. I wanted to put this list out to let people know who my influences are and to possibly demonstrate how it is that I have come to make music like I do. I would also like to hope that there may be the odd recording that someone reads about within this list and decides to go and buy for themselves. Remember, do buy the recording, don’t stream it or download a torrent – the artists have put their hearts and souls in to making these pieces of art so if you like it then you should pay for it. Anyway, I digress… I’ll begin the list by going through a few honourable mentions; those recordings that are good, that I still listen to but that just didn’t quite make the grade to be in an amongst the Top 50. I’ll start posting with regards these recordings very soon. In the meantime I thought I’d let you see a bit of analysis on the recordings that have made the list:

  • The year that produced the most recordings in the Top 50 was 1999 with a total of 9
  • The decade that produced the most recordings in the Top 50 was the 2000’s with 20 entries
  • There are a couple of artists with multiple entries in the Top 50. The most successful artist has 4 recordings in the list
  • The label producing the most recordings in the list is Columbia with 4 entries (one in the 60’s, two in the 90’s and one in the 00’s)

I hope you enjoy reading through the list (once I start putting it up) and I would welcome any comments, insights, criticisms or anything else you have to say. RUSTY!!!


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