New Track – “Our Plan”

After a bit more time spent in the kitchen I’ve managed to put together a new track and, as you can probably guess from the image, it’s inspired by Bane – the truly terrifying villain from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

The track is written at 105bpm and is intended to be quite a dark and moody track in order to fit in with the character portrayed in the film.

It’s what I’d call a bit of a stomper, bouncing along to quite a pounding 4/4 beat – with just a few little tweaks and alterations to keep it interesting.

This is, so far at least, the best track I have written (in my humble opinion) and I am massively proud of it. The link to the track is here and hopefully you will like it too:

The whole track has been uploaded and is available for free download if you want it. As usual, if anyone has any feedback – polite or otherwise – please feel free to leave a comment. It would be great to know if you’ve enjoyed listening to it as much as I have writing it. Enjoy!



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