“Unite” – New Track from Rusty Nails

I have today added my fourth track to SoundCloud and, once again, it’s free and available to download. As usual, if anyone would like the full version then just get in touch and I can send it to you.

This latest track has been inspired by the speech made by Charlie Chaplin in his 1940 film The Great Dictator.

The words I have chosen to put in the track can be seen in the picture below


These words were spoken by Chaplin in 1940 yet the sentiment still resonates today.

We have got faster, we have developed yet more machinery that is supposed to improve our lives. However, we have simply become a people that expects everything immediately, a selfish people who have little regard for those in need.

We will complain that there’s no WiFi somewhere we go whilst on the other side of the planet someone will not even bother to complain that they have no water because who will listen to them?!

In 1940 Chaplin spoke of men who enslaved us. Undoubtedly he was referring to Hitler and totalitarian dictators commonly operating in Europe at the time and, arguably, that sentiment no longer applies today.

But just look at the liberties that have been stripped from us in this modern age of freedom. Your emails are hacked in to and reviewed by GCHQ, that happens, make no mistake of this fact. You carry a mobile phone with location settings turned on enabling you to be tracked wherever you go. You walk around a city constantly being filmed, your every move captured in high definition. Men and women are still used as cannon fodder. Thousands of people (soldiers and civilians) have died in recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been no clear winner, tension continues to bubble in the Middle East and in due course, more men and women will die at the hands of men who treat us as cannon fodder.

It is easy to feel powerless but in there is power in numbers. Together we (the people of a country, the people of the world) have the power to remove our new-age tyranny and, as Chaplin said, “make this life free and beautiful”.

Let us use that power, let us all unite!



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