Forthcoming Tracks and Projects

I’m taking a break from working in the kitchen tonight and so I thought I’d put something up about the little bits and pieces I’m working on. Some of them will come off, some won’t but, either way, I thought I’d put the ideas out there.

I’ve started a track at 96bpm so it’s got a bit of a hip-hop type bounce to it. I’m going to either record the lyrics myself or, if I find someone suitable, might collaborate with a Birmingham based MC. The chorus line for the track is created from a sample lifted straight from a classic 90’s pop track and, hopefully, the track will come together very soon.

There’s another track – 92bpm – which samples an old 40’s jazz track and has started developing nicely. It’s got a much more pop feel to it compared to anything else I’m working on so it might be more accessible than most. Whether that’s a good or bad thing will be seen soon I suppose.

The final project that has any substance at the minute is an attempt at remixing a track by one of my favourite new (clue – “nu-“) metal bands blowing up in the UK today. I’m trying to turn one of their tracks in to a D’n’B/Hardcore version but, to be honest, I’m struggling to get the balance right, though I’m determined to get it right!

There are other bits and pieces on the hob simmering away (too many kitchen metaphors?!) so hopefully there’ll be more in time. Generally, I’m really excited about the ideas kicking about and when they materialise in to new tracks, I hope you all like them too.

For now please enjoy, rate, review and comment on the tracks currently available online at my SoundCloud page (



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