Middle of the Night (Rusty Nails Remix)

After a few weeks of messing around with samples, cutting, splicing and sticking things back together I have now finally finished my remix of the classic @Evol_Intent track “Middle of the Night”.

I’ve uploaded it on to Soundcloud and it can be found here:


Any likes, comments, reposts, etc would be greatly appreciated. Even if you think it’s a bag of shit and that I should be told exactly that, then do it, leave that comment.

On the track itself I decided to steer away from drum and bass (as recommended) so I went for a 140bpm style. That was my first instinct and, aside from that, I didn’t really plan how it was going to go – dubstep, trance, house, etc, it didn’t really matter. It was only when I found the little cut within the drum track samples that I picked up on going down the route I eventually did which, I guess, is some sort of hard dance, hard house type thing. I’m not really sure on the exact classification of the track but, to be fair, what’s the point in getting bogged down in categorisation. I just like the end result and I hope you do too.

I tried to be as true to the original as possible and the only midi added to the track is the techno/trance sounding lead line over the top of the track. Everything else is extracted completely from the stems downloaded to do the remix. There’s nothing from any other sample packs or anything like that because, being a classic track anyway, you owe it to stick to that as far as possible.

The remix competition this is for closes on 1 February so all I can do is wait and see how I got on. I’m not holding my breath but I’m hoping I did ok. Any feedback you can give that will boost the profile of the track on the group would be great.

Anyway, I hope you like the track. Turn it up and have a little skank!



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